Snapshot Fixed Day Asset Price Fluctuates

Hey guys,
It’s not a big problem, as I don’t need it to be super accurate for what I need snapshots for, but I’ve taken the same snapshot on the same day about 4 times and I noticed that the “price” of a coin on that day, changes everytime.

Maybe there is a normal reason for this?
But I would have thought that a historical price was something that was set in your system unless you are parsing a random grab from large data sets?

Thought I’d let you know.

The date I use is June 22nd 2020

Ive seen up to a £300GBP siwng in price for BTC on the day on your system.


Hi @LeadGr8,

Just to confirm, you are looking at the performance table on June 22, 2020 on multiple dates in the future?

Sorry, that’s a terrible screenshot for context isn’t it!

Im on the performance table on the same HISTORIC date (multi times)

I just did it again, for the 22nd June 2020

Note the price of coins on that day compared to my screen in OP.

BTC and ETH are diff prices this time.

Hope that helps some investigation.

Cheers, D

Thanks for flagging this @LeadGr8. We’re tracking this question here and we’ll send you an update once available.

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Cool. Cheers for logging it. Not major but prob shouldn’t be happening.

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