Solana from Kraken Wallet showing up as Sola Token

Solana in Kraken is not showing up correct. Moved from other exchanges over to Kraken for staking purposes, but once in Kraken the coins were showing up as Sola Token. I did try updating the transactions from the Sola Token to Solana, but it is still not correct.

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same here, I had to edit the transaction and select the correct SOL coin and put it in other transactions wallet and not kraken where it came from. I’ve also staked so I’m curious how those rewards will or won’t come over correctly…

They should show up… I’ve been seeing rewards tracked properly from some other coins in Kraken that I have staked. However until this is fixed, Solana from Kraken, staked or unstaked won’t be showing up at all.

I wonder if this is gonna get fixed.