Solana Support Will Be Crucial - DEFI, NFTS, Etc

As many of us are discovering the Solana ecosystem is amazing and I believe will continue to crush it in DEFI. So we’re going to need to pull data via public address soon please.

I’ve been trying not to dabble in DEFI as much because I’m afraid its more challenging to report within CoinTracker but I’ve had to just go for it and trust I’ll be able to figure how to report it come tax time.

I’ve read in this forum that there is a DEFI center within CoinTracker but I sure don’t see it, where on the site is it?

I only pay CoinTracker yearly, when I file my taxes so do I have to upgrade to the monthly subscription to get DEFI support? I really don’t want to do that, a couple hundred bucks a year is enough to fork up as it is.

Right now I’ve got NFTs in a few places that really need support with CoinTracker

ETH - I’m using Meta Mask and seeing all transactions there but for me my NFTs are on Immutable X. Once I transfer funds to Immutable X from MetaMask and start doing transactions on that layer 2 is the point where CT no longer is pulling data .

XLM - Bought some NFTs, added wallet via public address, it shows my purchases of NFTS as +1.5 XLM which is inaccurate. (using Freighter Wallet for using DEFI with XLM)

SOL - Thats my big one, that is where some serious DEFI’ing will be going down and right now there is no way to pull the data and manually importing these transactions seems very complicated, or perhaps I just have not tinkered enough.

Anyways I’m sure you all are already aware that functioning DEFI support is desperately needed. I can only imagine how complicated that is to develop. Please bless with a DEFI update, tutorial, blogpost or something. perhaps I’m just not informed enough yet on how this works.

Hope you all are having a great week!




I want to add that a lot of us don’t find CoinTracker useful for tax reporting if we can’t include certain wallets, which makes this an incomplete product. I think others would agree that we haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing any CoinTracker subscriptions because of lacking wallets.

I’d love to see every wallet too, I’m sure it’s a developer’s nightmare. I’m still paying for tax services every year, CT is lacking but it’s the best I have at reporting almost everything. I still had to omit a few things last year just cause I couldn’t add it. Not optimal, but it was just peanuts anyway, I doubt the IRS will come looking for a couple dollars I couldn’t report. Switching to another service that also lacks functionality just isn’t worth it with over 5 years of crypto data to imports and literally 100 or so wallets/exchanges. Paying someone to do it would be really expensive and I don’t trust someone else to get it right. I hope they pull through over time. I believe they can, growing pains can be slow