Sold below Cost Basis... Cointracker shows gains

ETH dropped below my cost basis yesterday. I thought I’d harvest some losses.

Cointracker said my cost basis was $2417 before selling.
I sold ETH at $2242 (on Coinbase Pro.)

Each ETH I sold should net me a capitol loss of $175. (2417-2242=175)

BUT Cointracker showed that I made gains on the sale! Per Cointracker my new cost basis on ETH is $2159. I understand cost basis changes after selling… but how did I incur gains when I sold below my cost basis? If I go through and “ignore” the sales transactions my cost basis will go back to 2417… so… again, if I sell ETH below that price, I should incur losses… not gains. Right? I’m HIFO if that helps.

It makes me doubt other calculations CoinTracker has made. If I have to go through every transaction myself and do the calculations… why did I pay for this service? 2021 taxes aren’t due for awhile so I hope they can fix these issues but I’m not optimistic tbh.