Some transactions duplicate + trades not pairring

Recently I found out that some transactions are duplicating.
Probably when after every press of sync wallets button. I checked and as far as I know this is the case for only one wallet (Coinbase wallet - mobile app).
Also related problem is that obvious trades from one currency to another are not paired and stay as send and recieved transactions, eventhough they have exactly same date and time ( see sreenshot where are examples of both problems). At past they only did not pair so I manually paired them and expected that I dont have to think about it. But then all of the sudden after random sync wallets button press duplicates started to apear. More I pressed sync wallets button more duplicate transactions. I removed everything and added my whole portfolio again but both problems are still there.

They’ve been doing a lot of updates lately and something they did in the last 2 weeks broke some things.

  1. I’ve noticed the duplicate transactions as well. The amount seem to be increasing drastically the last few days. I’m just leaving it alone at this point, too much work to clean up over and over.
  2. Some tokens will show the correct name on sale, but not match up to the purchase so it thinks I have a negative balance.
  3. #1 & #2 is causing massive cost basis issues
  4. I’m still not sure it’s tracking fee’s correctly. My ETH cost basis has been wrong for months. I can’t tell for sure now though cause it’s way off right now due to the duplicate transactions.
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I am seeing the same thing as well now! One of my accounts has duplicate transactions (sometimes there are even 3 copies of a transaction!). Also they don’t seem to be pairing trades properly, separating them as sent + received activities. Hoping they fix this soon!

Thanks for reporting this @troSKA, @Radavan, @orlandoc1618,

We’re working on an update to ETH wallets and we’ll let you know as soon as this is resolved.

@troSKA, @Radavan, @orlandoc1618,

This should now be resolved — if you are still seeing any issues, please let us know.


Haven’t had a chance to look it completely over, but the duplicates appear to be resolved.

I am still having transactions not matching together. They will show as a seperate send and seperate receive, when it should be a trade. It looks like this is on all Uniswap transactions.

@Radavan — thanks for flagging. Do you mind pressing the Sync wallets button on the wallets page and if it is still not matching after the yellow banner goes away, sending us a screenshot of an example transaction?

Also, I should mention that we are still testing multi-token transactions (e.g. Uniswap Liquidity Pools) and we should have that rolling out to more users in the next few weeks.


I sync’ed and that did combine the transactions.

I now have a few that have both sides of the transacation twice though and the contract execution once on some uniswap transactions (5 total items). This is only a few of them though, so I’m not sure of the cause. I’ve got the debug permission on, check out Oct 25th for 2 examples.

Hi Sorry for late reply I just found this email.

has this mobile App problem been fixed by CoinTracker yet. If not let me know what I should do in my mobile App

Duplicate transaction fix is rolling out to more users today. You can track the progress here.

Thanks for flagging; we’ll take a look and circle back with you