Specific tax years

Hey guys could do with a little advice that I can’t find anywhere else, before I jump in.

  1. When you sync with exchanges does cointracker only download the respective tax year relevant data, or all data? To cut a long story short I can show all data for this tax year and the initial crypto entry point, but adding previous loss making years data overall would just confuse things (see 3. below)

  2. Can you manually edit/add/remove transactions?

  3. What affect overall would an exchange that no longer trades (Cryptopia) that there is no retrievable data for? How do I accomodate that scenario?

Any help/advice offered would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @AbsoluteNoob,

>> All data (this is required to correctly calculate taxes in the current year because historical purchases impact your holding period and cost basis of your current assets.

>> Yes

>> We recommend recreating the history to the best of your ability. If you have any records whatsoever (emails, CSVs, bank statements, blockchains ID etc.) use those. Otherwise just manually estimate what you traded in aggregate and add manually.

Cheers Chandan :smiley: