Square Cash app parsing error


did a CSV export from the square app which contains Bitcoin transactions.

When dragging the CSV file into Cointracker, I get the following error:


Failed to parse CSV. The CSV does not have the right headers in the first row. Headers should be Date, Received Quantity, Currency, Sent Quantity, Currency, Fee Amount, Fee Currency, Tag. Try our interactive CSV uploader.

Open the CSV file and the first line looks like so:
“Transaction ID”,“Date”,“Transaction Type”,“Currency”,“Amount”,“Fee”,“Net Amount”,“Asset Type”,“Asset Price”,“Asset Amount”,“Status”,“Notes”,“Name of sender/receiver”,“Account”

It looks like the format of the Cash app CSV does not match what CoinTracker is expecting.


Hi @coinbear,

Just to confirm you are trying the upload on the Cash App upload page right? Assuming that isn’t working, could you please send us the CSV file that is failing to parse to feedback [at] cointracker.io?

Right, dragged the CSV file from a local dir into the UI above. The error then comes when clicking on Import.

Ok, will forward a subset of the file to the email address for debugging (it will not be the complete file).


done. Email is out.


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I am having this same problem sending my CashApp CSV. I have now removed my USD/cash sends to friends from the Excel CSV and have left only the bitcoin transactions. Can I send the file to you and see what you think Chandan. Thanks for the help. I hope Cash App streamlines this system in the future.

Hi @larsthor34,

Yes, please send us the file. We are working on updating the parser

Thank you very much, Lars

(Attachment cash_app_report.csv is missing)

I don’t know if this will CSV will go through this time it was rejected by your server the last attempt.

(Attachment cash_app_report.csv is missing)

Hi @larsthor34,

Could you email it to feedback [at] cointracker.io?

Hi @coinbear, @larsthor34,

Square Cash App CSV upload should now work normally. If you run into any problems, please let us know.

Confirmed that the import is working now.

Good work @Chandan :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chandan

I am unable to upload my Square Cash App CSV. I get the error message “Failed to parse CSV”. Will you please look into this?

Thank you!

Do you mind sending us a fresh, unedited copy of your CSV so that we can take a look?

Hi @Chandan I can’t import my square account details. I tried multiple formats and still getting error. can I send you my summary to import?

This is so frustrating. i put it in the exact format. why isn’t cointracker able to sort the info that Square provides?