Staking Polygon's Matic on Allnodes

Very frustrating situation when staking Matic on allnodes. Back story of events:

I use ledger to hold my matic.
I connected with Allnodes to set up staking with some smart contracts.
Allnodes shows its being staked through my ledger (in terms of wallet address)

Shows up in Cointracker as:

No Idea how to reconcile this as it just shows up as a loss on my end for matic…and I can’t edit the transaction because an error page shows up every time.

So…any ideas? And can we get some integration with staking polygon on allnodes?


I’m also having trouble with how Cointracker is showing my staked Matic tokens on the Polygon staking service: Polygon Web Wallet v2 Not showing up in Cointracker properly… kind of a bizarre ledger entry where for example it shows: sent “- 9,997.6 MATIC” but then receives “+ 9,997,599,999,999,998,951,424”

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Same issue here! Hopefully we can get some acknowledgment from CoinTracker that this issue is being worked on soon!

Ditto. I know they said they are working on more robust Polygon support. Any idea when this will be done?