Stuck on "Your cost basis is currently being re-computed" for two days

Since correcting some transactions in my transaction history, my cost basis has been stuck in the re-computing state for two days. I’ve emailed support three times about this and received no response.

Surely this isn’t normal? I only have about 300 transactions total over three years – how can it possibly take this long to recalculate?

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Hmm — that should be done recomputing by now if you refresh the page. We’ll take a look and get back to you.

It’s still not resolved – it’s been nearly 72 hours now.

I am having this problem too. It’s been saying that since last night.

Mine is still stuck. It’s been nearly a week now.

For a paid service, this is extremely poor.

When will this issue be resolved?

I would also add that despite having paid for the premium tax package which includes email support, the email support has been completely unhelpful. I originally reported the issue on the 17th, received one response on the 19th saying they would look into it, and then have received no subsequent follow up despite chasing the email thread two days ago.

Thanks for your patience as we deal with unprecedented support volume. @swampgirl your account is fully done recomputing.

@gpu — we will circle back with you directly on the ticket that you created with us

Mine is stuck too. It’s been recomputing for hours. I never had this issue before. I’ve always been able to recompute without issue.

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