Suggested Updates / Requests

Really like this tool, been using it a while now but have a few suggestions for better QoL and usage.

  • Please add a categorisation for SCAM airdrop tokens. This should have the functionality to set both the value of the tokens to NULL (so they are not included in the overall balances e.g. MNEB) and that they do not have a cost basis or airdrop value calculated.
  • It would be good to be able to flag airdrops as either ‘solicited’ or ‘unsolicited’. UK tax rules indicate that airdrops as a result of doing something specific are taxable under income. However, airdrops like UNI (although having a qualification criteria) were not specified in advance so should fall under the non-taxable airdrop.
  • Could we extend the multiple record update functionality to include ‘interest’ as well as the other options (like payment)? Currently we have to manually add interest on a record by record basis which is very frustrating when a simple multiple tick function would be more user friendly.
  • I noticed when trying to add CoinEX imported transaction that the format of the file downloaded from CoinEX doesn’t match with the expected format when uploading. As such it gives the error that there are no transactions available
  • For CSV upload files please consider extending the tag categories to include interest (and or any others missing) so that this can be done at the time of upload instead of manually afterwards.
  • Also for the CSV upload it offers an example file but it would be good there on that page to list out the possible tags so that we don’t need to force and error to see what the acceptable list is.
  • Would it be useful to flag apparent disappearance of funds so that they can be easily subset. By disappearance I mean apparent transfers out which don’t have a corresponding trade or transfer in to another wallet. To help us quickly find where non-custodial exchanges or transfers to a spouse may have take place.
  • Finally, it would be great to have a spousal flag for transfers as these are not subject to tax in the UK. Currently I think they trigger a disposal and give the impression of being a spend when they are not.

Brilliant work on speeding things up BTW, I’ve noticed over the past year some really great improvements with the systems and as such it has become much more user friendly. Keep up the good work!