Suggestion regarding custom CSV's

It would be really helpful if there was a tool which would convert csv’s from each exchange to your custom CSV format. Otherwise it takes hours to manually input everything in the correct order. Is this something you can do?

Oh how I wish this existed :slight_smile: I think it’s harder than you’d think to make @vladkobuxton with exchanges changing CSV’s all the time.

I’ve found Cointracker to have done it already for the big boys, so imports from

  • blockfi
    already auto convert (there might be more but these are two imports I’ve found it with).

Other than that, you’ll need to adjust a CSV to meet CT’s generic format.

I tried LOADS of other coin tracking software, most don’t even put any effort in to auto convert CSV’s to their native style. I was surprised to find CT did it with some.

Unfortunately, it is a case of moulding an exchange CSV to meet Cointrackers. Comes down to how easy you find excel/google docs. You can find ppl on sites like fiverr/people per hour who are wizz’s and can help if you don’t want to do it yourself. Just a suggestion.

Re-reading your question, are you manually adding each transaction one at a time? Maybe I’ve read it wrong.


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Good point. Which are the top exchanges / wallets you use that we are missing integrations for? I accidentally deleted my wallet given that API was not upgrading. Though I have tried many times and no luck.