Support for Binance Futures

Can you add support for Binance futures?

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Hi @nadeaup,

Yes! We’ll work on adding this and let you know once available. In the meantime if you need an immediate solutions you can add these transactions manually using the “Margin” tag


Thank you!

Any updates on support for Binance Futures?

Hi @nadeaup,

Not just yet but we haven’t forgotten. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

I am interested in how you will handle / identify liquidations…

Here’s how we will handle them: CoinTracker Margin Trading Guide

Thank you! That makes perfect sense.


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So do you now support Binance Futures for Tax reporting via API integration? I want to know before I renew/signup for my 2020 tax reports…

I’m in the same boat. I’m about to buy my 2020 subscription but I want to make sure Binance Futures and Margin transactions will show up.

I see here that it should appear on the “Tax page” but I don’t see anything, Do I have to purchase before I will see the transactions?

I just want to know it will work for sure before spending my money. I’ve contacted support twice last week, still haven’t heard back. They must be really busy with the end of the year I would guess. I hope to hear from them soon.


We are planning on adding Binance Futures support (you can track progress here).

Do you have an ETA for when we could expect this feature? Will it be available for the 2020 tax year?

That link didn’t provide too much detail as far progress goes.

I’d love to know where this is in the road map. If not soon, I’ve got some serious manual transaction labor ahead of me I better get started on asap.


We don’t have an exact ETA but we’ll let you know as soon as it is ready. We’re hoping to have it ready to go for this tax season.

Hi @Chandan,

Do you have any updates on this?


Binance isolated margin, and cross margin are now both live. Futures are next. Upvote here to stay up to date.

Thank you!! Can’t wait for this.