Support for BNB wallets and Chain transactions

Cointracker doesn’t seem to be able to handle BNB wallets/transactions not on an exchange and related BNB smartchain transactions such as BEP2 and BEP20 tokens. Can you confirm this and do you have an estimated date when you plan on supporting? It has become quite popular so is a challenge to work around. Thanks.

The team say they are working on it. Its a major pain that the bulk of my portfolio is missing due to no bep20 support. See… BNB tokens | Integrations | CoinTracker

Concur. In Trust Wallet you can swap some tokens from BEP2 to BEP20 and back and forth. CoinTracker looks at these actions as a trade vs a transfer. And try to manually fix it is a challenge I’ve yet to figure out.


@Chandan is there any sort of eta for when these transactions will be properly reported in cointracker? there will be many people coming in asking for this and no other trackers support it.

keen to just understand approx timing as tax time is coming up in some countries soon (Mid this year) thank you