Support for CounterParty/OMNI platform?

I’m having a terrible time manually making an import CSV for my counter wallet transaction history. But I need that history for proper tax basis. Any expectation for supporting CounterParty or OMNI platforms?

The CounterParty platform runs on top of the bitcoin blockchain, and includes some unusual transaction types like on-chain trade-order fulfillment.

I got started into crypto with the MAID-SAFE/SafeNet project (, so I have a lot of small-volume assets from related projects that also utilized the CounterParty platform, and later, the OMNI platform.

Example tokens
XCP, SCJX token swap to Storj, MAID, Safex, FLDC.

Any thoughts or help would be awesome. Thanks!

Hi @WesD,

Thanks for the requests — we have added these requests to our integrations list. In the meantime you can bulk upload these transactions via CSV in our generic CSV format or manually add them.