Support for SOLANA blockchain wallets and tokens

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I was wondering when/if the support for solana wallets and tokens would be added ?
There are a lot of DeFi apps on that chain and it would be a shame to have to track everything manually.

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Bump! I’m also needing this feature. Solana is (or at least recently was) a top 15 crypto by marketcap, and Solana DeFi is growing quickly. This is a must have.

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What they lack here is a voting system as has. This allows them to prioritize features in the roadmap, taking into account what the community wants. I’m trying both at the moment and regarding community and support response, Accointing is quicker to answer and the forum is more lively. The only thing that gives CoinTracker a slight advantage for now is the Canadian tax support that Accointing doesn’t have (it’s a generic report, but there’s enough info that an accountant can use).