Support Update 2022

Hey everyone! I’m Thomas and I’m the Head of Support here at CoinTracker. I wanted to make a post about the current status of our support organization and our commitment to you all as customers.

tl;dr: We’ve grown the support team 15x in a year and we’re tracking to double the current count in the next 2 months. We know we’re falling short still and we’re putting our money where our mouth is to bring in the best possible support professionals to build an excellent customer experience. If you’re unsatisfied with CoinTracker in any way we’re be happy to get your money back. Please just reach out. If you’re interested in more information please keep reading! If you’re interested in joining us read more here.

Tomorrow will be exactly 1 year ago that I joined the team here at CoinTracker as our first and only member of the support team. Today we have over 16 folks on the support team alone and are on track to have over 30 in the next two months. Our team is investing heavily in bringing in the most experienced and impactful support professionals to make our customer support a key feature of the product.

Growing almost 30x in a little more than a year still wasn’t fast enough to provide the level of support we’re passionate about. Our goal is to double the team size by end of year to create the delightful experience you all deserve.

This includes building out a community team focused on working through customer needs on these forums and other avenues of support.

We’re resolving to more conversations than ever before and are closing out our existing backlog at speed. For those of you who are still waiting I know that patience is thin and that we’ve let you down. We’re sorry.

I can promise that we’ll keep expanding the team, improving the product and enabling our customers to have the simplest and fast crypto tax experience. We hear you and we’ll do better.

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Awesome to here Thomas. I understand the growing pains, especially in a new area like crypto. I still think Cointracker is the best product out there, and looking forward to even better features and service in the future.


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Hoping so Thomas. So many little coding issues so little time.

Please stop promising and start delivering.


All these crypto people who got 1000x on their virtual coins expecting 1000x from a physical business. lol, that ain’t how the world works.

A reminder that you don’t have to use Cointracker and can manually calculate your taxes by hand with excel.

Thomas, exactly what support issue is higher priority than your product taking 1 hour recalculating cost basis? This issue is making your product unusable.


Hi Thomas, I joined Cointracker because Coinbase recommended you.

I am having problems with my taxes. Cointracker tax forms are showing crypto i didnt purchase. All my purchases were on coinbase.

Im wondering why cointracker tax forms are showing crypto i didnt purchase and none of the crypto that i did purchase.

Please help im very confused. My Coinbase account got hacked in november and it seems i lost everything but i still have to do my taxes.

Im a disabled veteran and need my tax return cuz im nearly broke due to the hack of my Coinbase account.

Please help.

Did you have 2FA on your coinbase account? If you did then you may have a case where you can sue Coinbase. Otherwise it’s unfortunately gone. I would just download the information that coinbase is providing your for taxes and give that to a CPA to figure out. Though should be able to help you figure out if you can claim losses on the stolen funds or not. Don’t try to figure it out yourself just hire a professional.

I cannot get the tax info from coinbase. They locked my account.

Thsnk you for your quick response. I will try harder to grt my tax info from coinbase. Thank you once again for your response.

@thomas I heard this exact same thing from Taylor about 6 months ago and nothing has changed yet. It appears that it has gotten worse along with more issues that were out of control back then. It’s really hard to believe that you are really being transparent, only telling us what you want us to hear, continuing to lead us on. It really is unethical to continue to take customers’ money and provide this poor of service and product and not doing anything about it. I’ve requested a full refund of the tax product I purchased, as the product is unusable now, and has been for days, along with so many long outstanding issues.

Me thinks they may have learned from Dani and Wonderland

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lol rugged by sifu all over again

My 2021 gains just changed with no new transactions changes, this is after I downloaded to Turbotax. Also the reports do not match the dashboard any more. How long do we have to wait for changes to stop so we can file taxes

THIS IS AN ISSUE YOU WILL WANT TO ADDRESS QUICKLY! It impacts ALL Coinbase PRO users. This issue is with the Coinbase PRO feeds.

ALL Proceeds transactions appear to be ADDING the fees instead of SUBTRACTING the fees. I have reported this to CoinTracker last week (Thursday, Feb 10, 2022). This error OVERSTATES Gains by 2 x Fees for the year (in CoinBase Pro).

They need to quickly address this! USE CAUTION IF YOU ARE USING THE DATA FROM Coinbase PRO to report Tax info by exporting from Cointracker until they address this.

I manually correct my data (250+ lines)! No fun!

I have issues with USDC not being $1 and being a random price that changes 1.00021 or what not. And it’s different for each exchange and doesn’t track right. When I transfer USDC between exchanges it threats it like it’s being sold and there are taxes.

nice update. Can you address Can no longer add transactions with custom currencies - #3 by marsx001 People are unable to use the app due to custom tokens no longer showing in the drop down.