Support Update

:rotating_light: Safety Tips :rotating_light:

CoinTracker is a portfolio and tax tracking app for crypto stored in a connected exchange or wallet.
CoinTracker only ever needs read-access to your existing wallets or exchanges.

Please follow these security tips to ensure you are staying safe with your crypto!

  • CoinTracker is not a wallet nor an exchange and does not hold cryptocurrency for you, we will never ask you to send or transfer your crypto funds nor can you withdrawal funds from CoinTracker.
  • We will never reach out to you directly on Telegram, WhatsApp, etc for support. All official CoinTracker communications will come from a email address.
  • Never share your secret keys, private API keys, passphrases, or passwords with anyone.
  • Never send crypto to someone you do not trust 100%. It is almost impossible to recover cryptocurrency once sent.

CoinTracker’s only official support communication channel is our Contact Us page.