Swan Bitcoin CSV How to do it

Swan provides a CSV file that shows deposit dates and amounts deposited, and purchase dates and amounts purchased. For example, on March 1st I deposited 500 and a fee of 5.95 to buy Bitcoin. On March 8th I deposited 500 USD and a fee of 5.95 to buy BTC. On March 12th it bought me .012995 BTC (using the March 1st money). On March 13th I xferred the BTC to an external wallet. The external wallet transactions were not a problem. But all the deposits and buys need to go in also from Swan. How do I do that? Can I do the deposits on a single row as Sent 500 USD Fee 5.95 and then the purchases as Received .012995 BTC ? Or do they need to be on the same line of the csv file?