Tax plan - number of transactions error?

Dear Support,

I am trying to purchase a tax plan for 2018 Taxes but it won’t let me choose the Hobbyist plan. According to the review transactions I have 80 transactions 1 sent 0 Received and 1 needs review. I have also exported my transactions to csv and did a count in the spreadsheet and it is under 100. Note the fin year July 1 2018 to June 30 2019

Is there anything else that could be causing the site to detect over 100 transactions?

Thank you.

Posting next day : Further to yesterday I have even tried upgrading the previous year’s tax plan just encase it was effecting it. This did not change it. I then proceeded to delete a few wallets to make the transactions to 50 and still I cannot purchase the Hobbyist plan.

Hi there,

Please could you contact us via Intercom (the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner) on
Please log into your account and then hit that button so we can see what’s up with the transactions.

Thanks, please note I received the reply

CoinTracker will be back tomorrow.

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Great, we got your message and will respond there.