Tax report 2021

How do I regenerate a tax report?
The only files I can see are the 2 CSV Files
Surely there is a Basic Report in a doc or PDF Format to print.

I have now Paid for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021
But cannot seem to regenerate a printable useful report.

I am in Australia


On web navigate to > If you’ve paid for 2021 you will see a section like below :arrow_down:

Thank you for the response, Do you mean these CSV Files.


Rick Bevan

Correct section. I wonder if you are a bit early on the 2021 tax season. You might need to wait for a CT employee to respond on the 2021 expectations from that section.

are you outside the US?
those are my tax report options for my neck of the woods

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This was for the 2020 - 2021 Year

I am in Australia


also Aus here
I do my own tax so use the capital gains report for the income section for ATO tax form
downloading the transaction report is closest to a backup I can figure so maybe wise to do

What you’re able to download currently is the reports available to Australian tax users. US, Canadian and UK folks will see a different set of options. (That’s why folks are showing alternative options!) The reports we produce give you all the things you need to complete the cryptocurrency filing process there, but we’re talking internally about improving the experience here - in particular putting together a PDF option.

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Thanks for the Response Thomas,
Can you also advise when the Reporting for Staking Rewards, Airdrops etc be counted as income in the Taxable income section on the Tax Screen.


Thanks Again