Tax Report

I ran the tax report, and then realized a wallet wasnt correct. I deleted the wallet entered it correctly and now need to run the tax report again. However, it isnt letting me. please advise.


Hi @Sam87b,

Are you running the report for the same tax year and are you still within the limits of the tax plan (e.g. number of transactions, etc.)? If so, could you please send us a note at feedback [at]

Yes, i am trying to rerun the 2019 tax report, I am paying $19 for something, not even sure what???. I counted my transactions and I have 30 transactions this year (2019) so i think i may need to upgrade my plan from the free plan to the $54 plan. Will the $54 plan enable me to run and rerun the tax report as needed? Or just one time? I was a customer on another site like this and I could calculate and recalculate as many times as I needed.

I hope this helps you help me.


Hi @Sam87b,

We have two products:

All the tax plans allow you to re-run the report for the same user & tax year unlimited times as long as you stay within the limits of that tax plan.