Taxes and turbo tax


I am reaching out because I wanted to upload my taxes but the download of capital gains is not going through, I wanted to ask if you could take a look at it please. I just really want to upload them and as of now… im super stressed about all of this given how many transactions I have and what not. I just really need this to go through and cant thank you enough for all your help through this journey. Thank you and look forward to working this out! Thanks!

Yeah I’ve been trying the last two days and it keeps saying bad data format message… Not sure what to do… Please help! Thank you!

Hi @Joseole10,

Have you tried the TurboTax instructions with the TurboTax Online CSV file (not capital gains CSV)?

Hey Chandan!

I did! Well after you told me that is… haha. I thought otherwise given what Turbo said but went back and tried it and followed instructions, and it sure worked! Thank you so much!!! Then again it wasn’t pretty to see what I have to pay in taxes… ;(

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