The address can't be added because it has zero transactions

Having trouble adding my LTC to the tracker. I keep it in Coinbase wallet. The other crypto added to Coin Tracker easily but I am getting the message “ The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions” when I try to add the LTC but there are definitely transactions.

Hi @Danayberg,

Could you please check the address on a blockexplorer? Here is likely what is happening. If you add the address with the funds as opposed to the latest receive address it should work.

Coinbase wallet does not give the xpub address for the LTC that I am trying to sync to coin tracker. I tried the phrase converter but that also is not working.
The other cryptos that I have in coinbase wallet synced over to coin tracker easily.

Here’s the workaround for Coinbase wallet.

Does this mean there is no way to connect Coinbase Wallet to CoinTracker without this “workaround” which exposes your mnemonic key? I thought you guys have a partnership with them – this seems very strange.

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