The Daedalus Wallet (ADA) now has a Public Wallet Key - how to get this to work with CT?

The newest update to the Daedalus Wallet (4.0.3#17433) has an option to get the Wallet Public Key, but when I try to add that in CT as an Ada Wallet, I just get an error message.

Is there a way to make this work with CT so that my transactions (like staking) get pulled in automatically?


right, it seems like with this update the ability for CT to allow ADA wallets is there. CT just needs to get it going on their end now…hopefully soon.


This is seriously needed considering Cardano is the #5 cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $45B.

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Anything from CT on this?

Nope. I’d love to find out if it can be done or not.

I’d like this to be supported too. Now I have to add all the ADA public addresses from my wallet, and it’s not manageable. Does someone have any workaround on this ?

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:up: voting this thread for support of the new-ish Cardano Public Wallet Key.

Cardano is really exciting to our team! We’ve got an open request for the support you’re after here. I can say it’s a priority for the team to get this added, but I can’t yet offer an ETA on when it’ll be live.

I’d recommend adding your vote to the feature request, which is one way we prioritize new features. That’ll also ensure you’re kept looped in on progress.

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Thanks for sharing this URL Great to have visibility into the CoinTracker roadmap. Also thanks @thomas for all your amazing responses. :clap: :clap: :clap:

@thomas do have a status on this roadmap item? Cardano (ADA) HD wallets (f.ex. Daedalus, Yoroi) | Integrations | CoinTracker

Is it planned, blocked, waiting for something, in testing? Any status would be helpful for the community. Thanks for all the CT is doing. We appreciate the service the team is building. I know I use CoinTracker multiple times per day.