The prices are all... completely wrong?

I was so happy to find something that was going to make tax much easier for me in the UK but… the prices of coins are completely wrong

I can understand a little margin of error in the world of crypto but seriously? Bitcoin is regularly off by £1000 I’m not sure where they are pulling their data from, lot’s of others in my portfolio are also off by 5-10%…

This kind of makes the service useless?


I have same issues. Must be problem with converting to currencies because their data from seems pretty accurate even with custom currencies(for me it is CZK).

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John is right, we do capture our pricing from! If there is a discrepancy, we suspect it may come through in how we’re converting currencies and what exchange pricing we’re using between
fiat currencies.

I can say that this is an issue we’re actively investigating a resolution for. You can keep track of our progress there!