The tax calculations on Bybit transactions are completely wrong

The UK tax report I have paid for shows a huge capital gains tax even though the transactions on Bybit resulted in a net loss. I have been trying to get help from Cointracker for weeks but am getting no response - this is very urgent for my tax filing

I have had no reply from Cointracker on this for 6 days despite paying for premium support. This delay in responding is unacceptable. Until a few months ago the support was reasonable, but in the last few months it has been beyond terrible despite Cointracker claiming they are fixing it. Is anybody working in the Cointracker support team? When one pays for a service like this which directly impacts tax calculations this needs urgent fixing. Please get in touch to resolve my issue.

Have you emailed them? I saw another post where they said that the forums here are not the best avenue for support, as they prioritize email, and can better help you via email.

Thank you for reaching out. Yes I have emailed them endlessly, sent them the information they requested on the first response and have had radio silence from them despite multiple emails. I even upgraded my account as it said it offered premium support but still nothing. I am deeply concerned. When I first started using them they were responsive to bugs and requests but now nothing.

I am having the same issue with all my numbers being incorrect. I have been emailing them for weeks and I get no response.

How can this company take $100 a month and say you will get “Priority Support” and not even return your emails?

  1. My Cost Basis is Wrong.
  2. My Total Return is Wrong.
  3. My Market Value is Wrong.
  4. They show my cost basis is $286,694.85 per Bitcoin?. How in the world could their system give a cost basis of $286,694.85 per Bitcoin? It is Ludicrous.

Did anyone figure out a workaround? I got ByBit to send me my trade history and P&L to try for a manual import. Unfortunately the columns are wrong and CoinTracker has been unresponsive how to format this.

Any ideas?