This ETH sale results in a negative ETH balance in Imported Wallet - Exodus. Review purchase history

This warning is in pink on the latest transaction in my Exodus wallet, which I imported and then painstakingly corrected where Cointracker misinterpreted transactions as withdrawals that were in fact trades. I have reviewed the purchase history, listing each deposit and withdrawal of ETH on a spreadsheet in order to audit all of the transactions and found that there is in fact more deposited than withdrawn. I even eliminated the transaction fees, which were minor, which improved the positive balance of ETH in my wallet. I have compared the transactions as they show up in Cointracker with the records in my Exodus wallet several times and they all match. I rechecked the numbers I put in the spreadsheet and they all match. Why does Cointracker still show a negative balance and how do I eliminate this erroneous message?