This ETH sale results in a negative ETH balance in Imported Wallet - Exodus. Review purchase history

This warning is in pink on the latest transaction in my Exodus wallet, which I imported and then painstakingly corrected where Cointracker misinterpreted transactions as withdrawals that were in fact trades. I have reviewed the purchase history, listing each deposit and withdrawal of ETH on a spreadsheet in order to audit all of the transactions and found that there is in fact more deposited than withdrawn. I even eliminated the transaction fees, which were minor, which improved the positive balance of ETH in my wallet. I have compared the transactions as they show up in Cointracker with the records in my Exodus wallet several times and they all match. I rechecked the numbers I put in the spreadsheet and they all match. Why does Cointracker still show a negative balance and how do I eliminate this erroneous message?

I’ve got the same problem. What does this negative ETH balance mean and how do I fix it?

Hi @dvdkfmn,

Are you still seeing this issue? If so, could you please send us a screenshot at feedback [at] so that we can take a look?


This means that your transaction history on CoinTracker shows you selling/sending ETH without a history of where it came from. Please make sure that the full history is added (all wallets, all exchanges, and any other missing transactions). If you already added transactions, please double check that nothing from this list applies to your account.

I am having this problem also. I have all my wallets loaded in. It starts happening in 2018