Time to recompute cost basis

I have spent almost 2 hours trying to add a handful transaction because it is taking up to 30 minutes to recompute cost basis. I am so frustrated with this, while waiting, I am researching alternative vendors to track my crypto. Please, please, please do something.

Up to 3 hours wasted using CT. Thirty minutes to update one transaction is crazy.

I’m tapping out. You win. Four hours wasted and still not done.

Sad part is Cointracker is the best out there right now. Then again, so was AOL and Blockbuster.


You may have to wait forever. I have been seeing the message on my dashboard for days and weeks. Very unsettling!

Having the exact same issue!

Hi @Chet - I’m sorry for the frustrating experience thus far! From my experience, it is a bit unusual for the cost basis computation to be taking so long, unless you have a very large number of transactions (100k or more). I’d love to dig into this to see what’s going on.

Could you and anyone else experiencing slow cost basis computations please DM me here on this forum so that I can review your CoinTracker accounts?

Thank you!

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Hi Khalid,

I’m unable to message you directly but I am also experiencing the same issue.


I have the same issue. I have roughly 400 transactions and it has taken over a week to compute and is still not there.

Thanks for any support

@khalid-ct I just tried to DM you then, but got a message saying I am not allowed to message that user.

Any help you can lend would be fantastic!



Hi, I am also having the same issue. Roughly 900 transactions for 2021 and it takes > 30 minutes when I change one transaction

Actually its getting worse, now it takes > 1 hour to recalculate after just 1 change. Very disappointing

My Cointracker has been showing this for days nows:

Your cost basis is currently being re-computed for your transaction history.

I also just purchased 2021 tax reporting for $1350, so I would greatly appreciate some help so I can complete my taxes.

Having the same issue… I thought I was going to get my taxes done today…

Product is unusable at this point. Over 1 hour and still counting on recalculating cost basis.

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2 hours and still recalculating. SMH.

Same issue. I’ve seen it take anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. Seems to be getting worse

Going on 6 hours here, it was my last correction too. Wish they would fix this because it seems like a widespread issue. Seriously thinking of switching tomorrow if it doesn’t clear soon.

Same issue for me as well, just passed the hour mark for adding a single purchase

It hasn’t gotten any better, going on 8 hours on a new batch of corrections. This platform really needs to work on scaling to meet demand because it was nowhere near this bad last year. Just wish they’d communicate to us…

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Guys, you raised $100m - please pay some of these $s to AWS… Platform not usable at this point


@khalid-ct I have been recomputing for two weeks now. Product is unusable. Put in a support request two weeks ago and am yet to hear anything. Can you please help?


I too a having issues with this platform. This is where I was sent from coinbase and I can not get it to connect as I have been waiting over 5 hours for the recalculating banner and it is still there