TON token - wrong cryptocurrency is used

Hello, there is an essential bug.

I connected my account at HitBTC with some TON Crystal (TON) in it, but CoinTracker shows it as Tokamak Network (TON) that is a different cryptocurrency. As a result, it uses a price per token of ~$8 instead of ~$0.4 and calculates a totally wrong portfolio performance. Can you fix it, please?

Right price is available at TON Crystal TON to Tether USD Exchange / HitBTC or via HitBTC API.

Thanks for raising this! We’ll get this looked into for you. With so many tokens/coins out there and the increasing rate at which they’re added some collisions and incorrect results are an unfortunate casualty of the exploding space. We’re working hard to identify these and put fixes in place! Folks raising these like this is super helpful to that end.

In the interim, we have a guide on how to resolve when we’ve mapped the wrong token/coin here.