Total funds seem to be very much off

Hello Cointracker,

I seem to have a problem with the total calculations per coin.
The total sum of funds across exchanges and wallets seems correct.
However, the overall sum on the dashboard shows that I have significantly more BTC than I actually have, if you would sum across all the exchanges and the wallets.
Could you look into it please? I don’t want this affecting my taxes…

Thank you,
Denis Kovaliov.

Hi Denis,

To confirm, do you have any manual transactions that are increasing your BTC in your portfolio?

Pls can you teach me or follow what im going to do again

Hi @Pauleenjoy2211, thanks for your patience - I’m happy to help you. Can you please create a new topic with more details from the homepage?

Thank you Chandan. I do. I think this is part of the problem.
But an even bigger part, I think, are transactions for withdrawing funds to a non-US bank in a non-US currency.

Both of there don’t seem to get subtracted from the total.
Can you please take a look?


Hi @denkov62,

Happy to take a look, could you please send us a screenshot of the issue?