Tracking Celsius Collateral

I just took a Celsius loan and used ETH as Collateral.

When this occurred the ETH I used for this dropped off my Cointracker account. Whilst technically its being held by Celsius it is still my asset and unless I get liquidated I would like it still be be in Cointracker.

Aside from adding the ETH back as a manual transaction does anyone have a workaround here?




I too am looking for this answer. Can someone from CT help here?

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Example: If you throw 100 ETH on to Celsius, and lets say you purchased those ETH at $1000. When you pay off your loan, and bring the coins back into your wallet. Willl the ETH still hold the same cost basis? or will be cost basis now be the new cost when the coins come back into your account? Hopefully, they can acknowledge that the ETH is only locked up and the basis remains in our account value.

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Same problem here. Dummy wallets?

I have the same problem; I want my portfolio to show my Celsius collateral.

FYI for the folks above - putting your asset up for collateral, getting a loan, paying off the loan, and getting back the collateral are not taxable events. Consultant an accountant or tax professional.