Tracking Rug Pulls

Is there a way to write of rug pulls for tax purposes?

I got rugged on this coin(BSC): 0x9444bdfcfe4fb3c90af9769329dcbcd4f73f00dc

yes i would also like to know about rug pulls. Hope you didnt get fully wrecked… I’m holding a few bags myself.

hahah thankfully not. i was just starting out my position when they rugged.

did you do alright with yours?

full rug pull lost $1500 between two… haven’t sold yet. I’m ok though made more gains elsewhere. But yes this could be a issue if you want to use the losses for tax. Especially if cant unload your coins if there is no liquidity.

I mean you can put a mock transaction for sending them off to the nether for 0$ and it would all just show as a loss for capital gains purposes. Send ur coins to some black hole address … I guess?