Transaction history csv export


I purchased the tax product specifically to unlock the remaining fields in the transaction csv export. But csv export still only provides me the limited data the same as before. It doesn’t matter if I download the transaction history csv from the transactions page or the tax center page. I then purchased a portfolio subscription, but this did not unlock the full csv export either.

Also, verifying the accuracy of my transaction data is most important to me. Is there any option to purchase access to this complete file without a tax plan? E.g., for accounts that do not require the standard tax filing such as an IRA.

Please help. Thank you,

I found the issue but it only raises a bigger question.

It appears I have to purchase a tax plan for every single year going back in time, just to be able to verify the accuracy of my transaction data vis a vis what I see on the cointracker website (which has plenty of bugs still, hence why comparing is so critical- and would also make it easier for me to submit issues).

But that is an astronomical cost! Just for access to the csv of my transactions? Is there no other option, custom purchase? The pricing model of the platform feels really odd all around.


Hi Matt,

All users can download a full history of their transactions for free over all time. A more detailed transaction history CSV with cost basis information is available with a purchase of a tax plan for the relevant years. Does that make sense? This is how CoinTracker makes money so that we can grow the business, hire a team, and avoid shady business practices like selling user data.

Yes I understand now, though I thought it would be unlocked for the full history as long as I had a current tax plan or ongoing subscription.

The frustration is that while I would love to rely completely on, I find bugs and discrepancies in the tool that make tax filing based on the tool alone problematic, even with the paid plans, necessitating that I do a number of computations offline. I’m still happy to purchase both products, and I’ve purchased subscriptions for multiple portfolios even (different Cointracker accounts), but I still have to do offline work to get things right that cointracker still gets wrong.

But say someone has some transactions spread over the past five years- that’s like a thousand dollars for access to a csv file. I make analytics dashboards for a living and I just can’t make sense of that price model. But the fundamental issue is I would love to not even have to root around in the csv export at all. I only do so because I find errors in what the online tool shows. As a result I have paid for both products, but I am only using them as a guide and still doing my crypto taxes completely outside the tool.

Is there a github or anywhere specific to submit formal issues, or only the forum?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the candid feedback — we’d love to get your formal feature requests so we can work on improving.

I can download the csv file and have purchased the tax plan. When I download the file the purchase price at the time of purchase does not show up. How do I download that data?