Transactions from missing

Transactions from my account are missing, although amounts of coins appear.

The purchase of INJ is missing. The only transaction under ETH is my initial transfer.

Perhaps relatedly, unlike my other accounts, the Gate account is marked as “never updated” by CoinTracker (even after I sync my wallet). Other accounts are “updated 16 hours ago”.

Why is the Gate account “never updated”? And why are transactions missing?


I am experiencing the same issue. I deleted the exchange and re-added it and there was an error. i looked at the exchange wallet and only the total amounts of coins were shown on the Wallet page. None of the transactions were imported.

I am also experiencing the same issue.

Can we please have an update on this ?


This is now working for me. I contacted and within a day the import was working. You may need to update your APIv2 key and re-sync. If that doesn’t work, try removing the exchange and re-adding it.