Transactions missing after API sync

I’m having a few issues (which could possibly be bugs) after setting up CoinTracker with my Coinbase/Pro & Gemini wallets via API. These issues make me wary about trusting CoinTracker to be pulling correct information from the exchanges. I appreciate if anyone has advice about resolving the following:

  1. Referral credits from Gemini do not show up as a transaction. Should this have been picked up via the API sync? Or will I need to create a manual transaction (I assume labeled as “Payment”) for this referral/administrative credit?

  2. I have 2 transfers that are instead labeled as “Send” and are being counted as a taxable event. Each “Send” transaction has a corresponding “Receive” event. This article explains why this may happen but I already have all of my wallets hooked up via API and the majority of my transfers were correctly identified and only have a single “Transfer” event between the 2 wallets. Why isn’t CoinTracker able to line up these events as being a transfer and what can I do to fix this?

  3. One of my “Buy” transactions from Gemini was completely ignored. What’s the deal here? Seems counterintuitive if I have to add a manual transaction to fill this gap when it should be synced via the API.

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Same for me, missing lots of transactions. Scary when we get to tax time and making sure we have everything…

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Same boat with Gemini for me. Support for EARN is not implemented yet but I have some basic buy/sell/trade transactions. This is the bare minimum for this product to work IMO. is adding a portfolio tracker soon. They’ve already been providing tax reports. I’m going to give them a shot when it’s available. You can join the wait list.