Transactions Not Syncing and Balances Not Updating for Uphold and Exodus Wallets

Is Cointracker support still available? I haven’t received a response after several emails since April, 2021. Please see explanation below for the current issues I’m experiencing…

Hello - I really hope you can help me with the issues I’m experiencing with a couple of exchange accounts that appear to be (NOT recognizing Manual Transactions Added or Adjustments) that have been made. The Uphold exchange API import appears to be a complete mess. I spent the entire day yesterday fixing errors from the imported data and adding a TON of missing transactions that did not transfer over from my Uphold account. Snycing is not working at all and even though the manual transactions that I added are showing up there, they are not being synced to the balances properly with the imported transactions from the API. The overall balance is not updating to the correct amount and several of the Uphold exchange wallets are showing a zero balance which is incorrect. These wallets include COMP, XLM, MATIC, and ADA. My XRP and LINK wallets do appear to have the correct balances however.

I have a similar issue with my Exodus wallets that were recently imported. The manual transactions I entered are not syncing in the wallets for specific coins that aren’t supported for auto updates yet. I manually added the trades and transfers of these coins to their correct wallets, however these are not showing up and show a zero balance here still as well.

Could this be problem with the exchange API’s trying to sync with incorrect information and not recognizing the correct manual entries that have been made and additional missing transactions that were added?

How can these issues be fixed or resolved? Is it possible to turn off automatic syncing for the Uphold Exchange and Exodus Wallets and update everything manually instead?

Is there a phone # I can reach someone at to go over all of this in more detail or to walk through the problems I’m experiencing with my account?


I have the same issue. Accounts and prices have stopped syncing. It’s like cointracker rugpull

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Same for me. Started a few days ago. I have a paid subscription too…Kind of annoying.

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I have sent email to customer support regarding this issue, and they requested additional information which I provided. Hopefully this helps the team begin researching the issue.

Same story here. Uphold wallet hasn’t updated for 4 days

I have been able to communicate with CoinTracker Support on this issue, and they have given the info to engineering team. They also suggested I enter this on the Canny Board to see how many users are impacted.

Canny Board Ticket is linked here: Uphold API does not Sync all Assets

If you can, please navigate to the Canny Board, and Upvote the issue. You can do this buy clicking on the number next to title.

Thank you for your help