Transfer between wallets

I am having an issue with the system recognizing how much Bitcoin is available for capital gains calculations after transferring between 2 wallets I own.

I had transferred Bitcoin from Xapo to my Coinbase wallet. The imported Coinbase transaction for that transfer shows that I received it, but treated it like new coin. So, after importing a csv that had the initial Xapo purchase (since Xapo isn’t supported), I edited the received transaction to show it as a transfer between wallets (including the transfer fee). The issue is that the capital gains calculation is using the pretransfer amount and not the received amount. For simplicity, say I was transferring 0.08BTC from Xapo to Coinbase with a 0.001BTC fee. When the capital gains are calculated, it wants to mark 0.08BTC as being sold, not 0.079BTC, which is what I had left from the initial purchase. It gets the date of purchase correct and the basis correct (albeit proportional for the amount of Bitcoin it thinks was sold).

Am I doing something wrong or is the system messing up? Since plenty of people transfer coin between wallets they own, I have to assume it’s me.