Transfer Coinbase should be Transfer or Receive?

Should transfers from Coinbase to a wallet be marked as Transfer or Receive?

I’ve already done my taxes for Coinbase. I’m working on taxes for wallet.

Are “Receives” handled just like airdrop? (taxed as FMV at that time) or not?

Hi there,

If the receiving wallet is one that you own, this should be marked as a Transfer.

Received transactions are anything that you receive in your wallet from elsewhere (not from a wallet/exchange account that you own). Yes, these would all have the same tax implications.

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When I deposit dollars into my Binance account, Cointracker categorizes it as “Received”. “Received” sounds like a taxable event but transferring my own money into Binance should not be a taxable event. Should I recategorize these as “transfer”?

Thanks in advance.