Transfer to wallet taxable?

It seems a couple of my transactions transferring BTC from Kraken into my Trezor were taxed as a gain? What am I missing?

Did you modify the transaction to make it a “Transfer” instead of separate outbound and inbound transactions? Most portfolios will mess this up unless you do that.

Where do you modify the transaction?

It is denying to add one of my wallet saying it has ZERO transaction but it has three transaction. and Coin tracker made it my capital gains. I wrote to them and never got any reply or help from them. Looks like I will be paying close to $ 200 for fees to coin tracker and pay the TAX my coins that is in another wallet as a capital gain made by COIN TRACKER. Coin Tracker should response or coinbase should be responsible for letting coin tracker to make money through Coinbase. Very disappointed. Wish i could get other better help.

Should I mark the 2 seperate transactions “ignore” before making it one “transfer”?

Best advice is to leave this Tax Program because it not accurate. I paid $200 for the premiun plan and am not satify. Full refund is a joke. No one will respond. Best advice use

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Long been skeptical to pay more to use tax plan on cointracker especially due to lack of customer service. They never seem to reply to anyone. Thanks for posting a reasonable option to check into.