Tron Transaction History and Uniswap Trade

I have had several instances over the past year where my Tron wallet will stop updating the transaction history. The wallet will update the account balance properly, but not the individual transactions (mostly staking rewards). This time I haven’t seen a new transaction since Dec 16, 2020 even though the balance is correct and agrees with tronscan. It’s unfortunate that I keep running into the same issue every few months and while it’s always been fixed eventually this should not be a reoccurring issue.

I also have an issue with on of my Uniswap trades. I swapped some Eth for EWTB (the Energy Web Bridge Token), but Cointracker is failing to determine the value of the transaction. I assume this is because EWTB is not supported even though EWT is supported. Is it possible to add EWTB as a supported coin?

Do you mind contacting us with the address so that we can take a look?

Thanks for the request — we’ll look into adding it. In the meantime, you can add a custom currency.

I contacted you with my Tron address. Any update?

Thanks for your patience — we will take a look and circle back with you