Trust issue - failure to delete account information

Dear CoinTracker,

I assume you take user trust, and your commitments to them seriously.

Yesterday morning, I used the “Delete account” function to delete my account. The webpage confirmed the data was gone.

This morning, you sent me a Daily Portfolio Update with current balance info, and the day’s change.

That is pretty obvious confirmation that you did not delete my account information and instead just hid it from view. That is both in violation of The California Consumer Privacy Act and immoral.

How are you going to restore trust once you’ve been caught red-handed?

You sent another Daily Portfolio Update today. With all account info.

I completed a second account deletion today through your website.
I received a second confirmation message from your website that was completed…

Post reload of the page - my data is still there.

Hi @MikeInLA,

Thank you for reporting this issue — we apologize that the auto-delete functionality didn’t work as expected. We’re investigating why your account wasn’t automatically deleted and will let you know as soon as we have a resolution for you.

Two more days have past since I completed the second account-deletion process. Both of those days you have still sent my daily portfolio update with all data.

Hi @MikeInLA,

Thanks for keeping us honest. We’ve identified the bug that stopped the normal account deletion process for your account (the presence of a custom currency). We’re working on an update to fix this issue and get your account deleted. We’ll proactively let you know as soon as this is resolved.

Hi @MikeInLA,

Confirming that your CoinTracker account is completely and permanently deleted. Thanks for your patience as we got this matter resolved.

Chandan, thank you. Appreciate it.

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Hey @Chandan, good to see you resolved this pretty quickly.
Im jumping on the back end of this as I’m doing some work recently and had a big discussion of tracing software for crypto.

What is CT policy for having data requests from the government? I assume you are USA based, not sure which state. But if asked, are you under obligation to provide data on users? If so, how do you manage this with EU GDPR?

Do you operate differently dependant on which country requests the data?

Its a genuine concern I and others have, working with tracking software where psuedo anominty can be assured.


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Great question. We are a US-based C-Corporation (though a fully distributed team and user base). We don’t ever sell your information to any third parties. We are required by law to comply with appropriately authorized government requests just like any other company. Here’s CoinTracker’s privacy policy with more details (see especially the section on “How Information May Be Shared Or Disclosed”). If you have specific questions or concerns about a particular GDPR situation, please send them to us and we’d be happy to have our privacy team take a look.

Super, thanks for the response Chandan.
I used the link last week and asked a few very specific questions
I look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers, D

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