Trust Wallet

I was reading a review about CoinTracker and it specifically calls out support for Trust Wallet. I don’t see it when I add wallets. Is it supported? Sorry if a duplicate question, I looked around but didn’t see it.

I am working to set this up now. Here is the link I get for the page, I hope this helps:

This should bring up a page with instructions on the right hand side on how to add different classes of coins.

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This works great for ERC20 tokens, what about BNB / BEP tokens? How can we track those? The Trust Wallet handles both and the BNB Dex is now huge to safe on ETH fees.

I don’t hold those on Trust Wallet yet, I’m researching this myself and will let you know what I find out. Sorry I just got back on the forum again today about another type of question and saw this.

I am looking to find this out as well. I believe it is going to have to do with getting the seed phrase converter it talked about it the instructions, but surely there is a better method? Hopefully support has a solution.