Turbo Tax .txf file support is now gone?

Curious to why the Turbo Tax .txf file support was removed from CoinTracker, it appears a month ago it was removed and is now forcing everyone to download the .csv file which requires Turbo Tax online to ingest it? Why would the CoinTracker developers do that and break the Turbo Tax CD version support? If you don’t put the option back in, you’re going to lose a lot of customers including me. Just saying, since I will ever use the TT online version, ever!

If I was developing the web software for Cointracker, I would support both the .txf and .csv exports in order to support both the CD and Online versions of TT. Otherwise, as mentioned you’re going to lose a lot of customers because of this. The complaints are already piling up in the TT forum where people are upset about it.



Wow, this the first I’ve realized this. this is 100% not okay. I specifically buy the desktop version cause it is easier and I can download a .txf file.

I am really not okay with this.

Stop F%cking shit up Cointracker, PLEASE


Same here, I need the .txf file because I use the CD version. This is ridiculous.


Yeah, it’s a stupid marketing tactic that I think TT is playing w/ Cointracker since TT want’s to force everyone to use the online version since it’s a better revenue stream for TT and since Cointracker has now announced they’ve teamed up w/ TT, I think they were forced to longer support .txf exports. I’m just glad I was able to get the .txf export a month ago when it was supported. Now that the support is gone and if it doesn’t return, I’ll be using something else next year. There’s a lot of pissed off people on the TT forum about Cointracker not supporting .txf exports and that the TT CD version doesn’t support ingesting CSV files, but I guess TT doesn’t care and neither does Cointracker. Businesses these days could really care less about their customers anymore. I personally think Cointracker would have been better off not teaming up with them. Just saying.


I had the same problem. I found this macro download program that will convert the CVS to TXF. It was only $5 and it is quick and works. I was able to upload it into TT. https://www.investotek.com. You may want to try this.


Dude thanks for sharing, did you have to format the csv at all to make it work?

It’s definitely some haggard bullshit, I wish both companies actually gave a sh*t about there customers

Yes, but I just followed the step-by-step guide. Only takes about 2 minutes. First, you need to open the Macro File you download – mine was “ecel2txf”. Then open your CoinTracket CVS. Look for the Marco in your CVS file and you should see the excel2txf marco to select. Then I ran the macro. Since it doesn’t have CoinTracker as a “broker”, I selected the "Generic #1 (complete transactions). I then entered the cells requested for each field and hit complete. And you can use it every time you update the CVS. Works great.

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Their plans description still lists “Export to TurboTax” without any qualifiers.

Thanks! Thank god for users - CT support itself, not so much.

Why do they call this a support forum if nobody from the company bothers to even participate here or help? Lame.

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No sirve eh perdido demasiado

No usaré mas no se gana solo se pierde y toduavia quieren cobrar Taxas