UFO Gaming Token (UFO) Incorrect Market Value

UFO gaming token (UFO) seems to be tracking the market value of Uniform Fiscal Token instead. When I ensured that UFO gaming token was reflected in the transaction history, the Uniform Fiscal token still incorrectly shows up on the dashboard.


Same issue here. UFO token (UFO gaming) shows as ‘Uniform Fiscal Object’ in my dashboard, which is incorrect. If I manually edit the entries in my activity history, their system DOES show UFO Gaming as an option, and doing so will fix the underlying transaction data to show the appropriate UFO token, but the system then still shows my holdings as ‘Uniform Fiscal Object’ holdings on the Dashboard summary.

Additionally, the actual price of the UFO token on exchanges is too small (in decimal values) for Cointracker’s system to properly list and calculate an appropriate position size. Current value at time of this post is $0.00005391. Cointracker shows the price as $0.0001. Apparently their maximum decimal place value is 4. I imagine this particular issue has nothing to do with API reporting but moreso with their internal system settings.

Cointracker: please fix the issue with token UFO (UFO Gaming) listing as the incorrect asset, and also please fix the general decimal value issue so that it can report proper valuation based on actual price of the asset.
Thank you.