Unable to add ETH wallets

I was able to add my BTC and LTC wallets from my Trezor without a problem. However, I receive a “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below” notice when I add my ETH addresses from both my Trezor and MetaMask accounts. The CoinTracker instructions were pretty clear, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like a recent problem. I had my MM wallet working but I decided to remove and restore it but now the addition fails. Raised the issue to Support and now waiting, but if many of us raise the issue, I hope they will resolve it asap.

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I am also unable to add eth wallets but was able to add a corresponding avalanche wallet with the same address (using metamask wallet)

Unable to add ETH address/wallet as well.

Unable to add a wallet for a public ETH address as well

I’m also having this issue. This is a pretty basic feature so I hope it gets fixed soon

I’m now getting a different error, that I can’t add the wallet via public address because it doesn’t contain transactions even though it does.

The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.

Same issue here when adding public ETH address.

Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below.

Same here - cannot add Coinbase or Trust Wallet ETH Wallets. I have tried them as a public address as well. I even sent some ETH to one of the wallets that I have not been using so that it would not have a zero balance - Cost me abouyt $12 in fees to do that, but still no go. I emailed customer service several days ago, but no response.

Same. Can’t add MetaMask ETH address.

I’m trying CoinTracker and so far, I like it very much, my best contender. But lacking ETH wallet is bad…

Also looking for SOL and MATIC.

Bummer that we’re all having the same problem. Can anyone recommend other tax services that could be used instead of CoinTracker? I heard Koinly is pretty good as well… anyone have experience with that service?

Fyi - MetaMask wallet was added successfully 1hr ago. Been trying on and off for the past couple of days. Cannot speak on whether it will still work (wouldn’t dare remove and retry adding), but give it a try… you never know.

Looks to be fixed - I added Trust Wallet ETH and Coinbase Wallet ETH successfully.