Unable to Add Metamask Wallet

I’m unable to add a metamask wallet. It keeps giving the error “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below.”

I verified there are transactions in this wallet and active.

Here are my settings

Wallet Type : Public Address
Cryptocurrency: Eth
Address : Metamask address

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.


I have a same issue. When I tried multiple times, it showed 0 transactions even though I have multiple transaction in my Metamask wallet. Please advise the solution.


I am facing the same issue.
I have tried adding the wallet by selecting “MetaMask” and also tried selecting “Public Address” and “ETH”.

Both give me the error “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.” I know there are transactions and a value above 0.

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My MetaMask ETH wallet fails and says “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below.”

I am able to sync my MetaMask BSC wallet by choosing Public Address > BNB. It’s not perfect since it doesn’t properly calculate the USD values of the non-BNB coins, but at least it shows the transactions and I can edit them.

Maybe try adding the same public address but with BNB and see if that works for you.

One note - MetaMask uses the same public address for both ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) unless you create a separate MM accounts for each. When sending coins to/from MetaMask you just need to specify which chain you want to use, ETH or BSC. When I originally created my MetaMask account I primarily used it for the BSC network. I later used the same public address for ETH transactions. I wonder if there is an issue with cointracker being able to recognize different networks using the same public address?

To test this I created a new MM account (no transactions) and tried adding this new public address by Public Address > ETH. Still got the same error message.

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I’m having the same issue, and it’s driving me crazy. All my other exchanges and wallets work, but MetaMask won’t work as either a public address or as a MetaMask wallet when trying to import transactions. Specifically, my ETH wallet/chain transactions are showing up as null. Everything for the wallet address shows up as correct on Etherscan, however, so it should all be visible. Does anyone have a fix for this yet? I was going to pay a lot for this platform to handle my tax prep for 2021, but if this doesn’t get resolved, that’s hours of work down the drain, and I’ll have to go elsewhere, which I’d rather not do.

I am having the same issues… I spent hours loading up all my wallets and exchanges, but only my ETH metamask wont load… says, “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below” and sometimes says something about zero balance! I even moved some ETH around in and out of the wallet just to make sure it was working properly on the metamask side. I also checked and everything shows up fine on etherscan. I do have BSC and AVAX chains activated on the same metamask wallet address, and those load fine… its just ETH that doesn’t load. Have any of you resolved this issue?

I HAVE been successful in adding the same ETH metamask wallet in a few other tax apps I’ve been testing out (Koinly, Cryptotrader, etc), and it works perfectly on those platforms… there are some reasons I like Cointracker… but if I can’t solve this issue I will have to use another platform!

I’m having the same issue.