Unable to add transaction that involves unknown currency

Hi all,

A couple weeks ago, I swapped some BNB for a token that had just launched on BSC - let’s call it token ABC. Cointracker imported this transaction correctly, even though token ABC isn’t on its list of known currencies.

Fast forward to today - I just swapped all of my ABC tokens back to BNB. When I synced my wallet, Cointracker only imported part of the transaction. It imported the contract execution + gas fees as well as the BNB that I received, but it didn’t include the ABC tokens that I paid. Because of this, it looks like I just received a bunch of BNB for free.

I tried fixing this by manually editing the transaction and entering “ABC” in the “Fiat or Crypto” input box as well as the amount of ABC that I paid, but I can’t save the transaction; I just get an “Unknown currency” error.

Is there any way I can input this transaction into Cointracker? I think the currency will be listed on CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap in the near future, so do I just have to wait until that happens and ABC gets added to Cointracker’s list?

Any help would be appreciated!

I too would like to know how to get around this.

Found this in another forum post.
TLDR: You can add custom currencies from your profile settings page.