UNI from Kraken not showing up

Hi, so I have some UNI in Kraken which is showing up as UNIQ (which is a coin I am not sure even exists) in wallets. So my UNI coins in wallets are under UNIQ, but my UNI transactions are showing in UNI but with 0 coins.

I have UNI pulling in from another exchange, but that is showing correctly. This is the second issue with coins tracking from Kraken - seems to be a few bugs with pulling data from that exchange.

I reported this bug through the app about a week ago now, and here of course a few days ago. Yet to hear anything from support outside of the bot message. Just hoping to get some response… Maybe…

So its now fixed in the wallet… has the correct number there under UNI. However, on the dashboard the amount of UNI in the Kraken account is not adding up/showing up there in the total.