Unknown currency: TGBP

Hello there, I’m trying to record a new stablecoin investment but the system doesn’t seem to know TrueGBP/TGBP. Every possibility I’m being a moron, but could the True… tokens from TrustToken be added?

Nobody out there with an opinion on this? Just a confirmation that I’m not a moron (if applicable) and a tentative timetable for adding the True… family of coins (TUSD is already there). Thanks.

Hi @robr,

You’re not being a moron :slight_smile:

We automatically add new tokens/coins as they get listed on mainstream exchanges and get picked up by our data pipelines (e.g. Nomics). In the meantime, we are also working on a feature that will allow you to add any custom coin and we’ll let you know as soon as this is available.

Phew, that’s a relief (the moron thing).

Thanks for getting back to me. I look forward to the custom thing and for now I’ll keep a very boring two-row spreadsheet just for TGBP.

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Hi @robr,

You can now add any currency from the settings page:

On the Custom Currency page go ahead and add whichever coins you would like to track that aren’t natively supported. You can then add them like you would any other coin.


Hi Chandan, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for the update.

But…, I’m not sure at the moment it will be of much use. Without pricing information it seems (and the moron proviso still applies) that the token is regarded as having zero value, since my portfolio shows a decrease in value, equal to the initial cost of the tokens.

For now I’ll just take the token out of Cointracker as I originally suggested, but if there’s some magic incantation let me know. And as ever, thanks for your speedy help with this, much appreciated.

EDIT: just checked - and I was wrong to blame the lack of pricing, since that is configured in Settings/Custom Currency with the approximate GBPUSD rate. So the bigger question is why does the transfer show up as a big negative value rather than just a net change of the fee for the transfer? I’d created a “wallet” for my GBP holdings (actually a real-life old-school bricks and mortar bank account), created a fake “Receive” for the current balance of that account, then created a transfer between that wallet and the wallet representing the destination for the minted coins.

Hi @robr,

Could you send us a screenshot of what you mean to feedback [at] cointracker.io with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Can I check in on this please @Chandan
I have two points…

    Is there ANY update at all on it being supported?
    If not, can you explain how a custom token shows up in the portfolio?

    I note I have circa £10k GBP worth of TGBP in Celsius.
    I can see it when I click on the Celsius wallet in CT.
    But when I go to my portfolio page performance,
    and I see a list of all my coins making up that value
    The TGBP custom coin is not listed.

So is my portfolio metrics inclusive of this value, but it’s not listed?
Or is my custom coin value omitted from the portfolio performance data?

Either of those options presents a problem to the true reading of my portfolio and actions to take.

Cheers guys,

Both of the above issues should be resolved soon!

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Awesome. Will look forward to that and for now I’ll just add my TGBP value to my portfolio.


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Hi @Chandan, I see that TrustTokens are now supported. Sadly there still seems to be a bit of an issue. My only TGBP transactions are two Receive transactions into my Celsius - TGBP wallet, but my balance shows as “negative my actual balance”. I’ve tried setting the currency manually to TrueGBP using the drop-down, resetting the cost basis, and waiting for the Dashboard to clear the “cost basis being recalculated” messages, to no avail.

The icons shown are inconsistent - in the Transactions page it shows a nice little T icon. But in the dashboard and portfolio I get one TGBP with no icon (with the erroneous negative balance) and another with the generic CoinTracker icon (with a near-zero balance).

As ever feel free to inspect my transactions. Thanks.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @robr. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the icon / negative balance issues you are seeing via our contact us private channel so we can dig deeper and see what is going on?w

Hey all, im also finding that the TGBP balance, is not recognised in the wallet.
See this screenshot…

You can see the ZEC balance I’ve shown is less than £1
Yet under it is my TGBP balance circa 7k and in small print.
My overall Celsius balance is down by about 7k.

Hope that helps

@LeadGr8 thanks for flagging — we’ll work on this and let you know once resolved.

Ok thanks chandan. If you can give any time scale on this, it would be great.

Looks like it’s alive! Gave me a bit of a shock, thought I’d had my best day ever when the total charged upwards.

Thanks Chandan

EDIT: spoke too soon, looks like the price isn’t updating

Hi @robr @LeadGr8,

This should be working properly now. If you are still seeing any pending issues, could you please send us a direct screenshot here?

Awesome,been waiting for this one. Cheers @chandan
I’ll have a delve into it at weekend.

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