UPDATE 2/15/2022: DELETED COINBASE PRO Exhange Link and Relinked - Gains still overstated by 1 x (Sell-side) Fees

Today (2/15/2022) I decided to delete my CoinbasePro Exchange and relink it with a new API key. When I did this, I was surprised to see “UPDATED” transaction data. The system must import the data one time (never to refresh without manual change).

This time I am seeing that the Proceeds are overstated by the Fee amount (only one time this time). Prior I found the Proceeds were adding 2 x Fees and then subtracting the Fees resulting in an overstatement of still 2 x fees! Now the Proceeds are actually showing (Proceeds + Fees) and the Fees.

The math needs to be Proceeds - Fees. The Proceeds are STILL overstated by 1 x Fees (adding them on!).

I have verified this through all my transactions. I compared the earlier report and this report and now I am STILL overstated by the sum of all SELL SIDE fees. The cost basis is correct!

Hope this helps others! Be careful just blindly using the Tax Reports if you are using for Coinbase Pro activity!

IT APPEARS YOU WILL NEED TO DELETE THE CoinbasePro Exchange link in CoinTracker and re-add to get any update (assuming they correct it later). I will be watching over the next week.